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Science Fair 2023

We held our Grade 4-9 Science Fair. Thank you to the parents and volunteers from FMPSD for being judges. The students put in lots of work, and it showed.  Winners have been annnounced (1st,2nd,3rd per grouping) and some will be representing the school at the regional Science Fair at the end of the month.

Congratulations to all participants!

Grade 4:

Josiah and Evan - Does Flexibility Matter
Rebecca - Lever
Bella, Grace B - Catapult

Grade 5:

Neso and Eveada - Lie Detector Test
Rachel and Emma - Vending Machine
Kenneth and Liam - Lemon Light

Grade 6:

Brynn - Geodes in Eggshells
Raziela - Water Floating on Water
Jairus - Seperating Water Into Hydrogen and Oxygen

Grade 7-9

Hailey, Ari, Victoria - Food Colour
Brielle - Viscocity of Slime
Simi - The Contest of Vitamin C


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