Principal's Letter

Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year at the Fort McMurray Christian School (FMCS)!

As we step into the 2023-24 school year, we are thrilled to embark on our 30th year of providing Christian Education in Fort McMurray. With great enthusiasm we extend a warm welcome to all anticipating an awesome year ahead. FMCS stands proudly as an interdenominational public alternative school within the Fort McMurray Public School Division, while also being a member of the Prairie Centre for Christian Education.

Currently we are seeing growth of about 18% year over year from last year. I believe this is because of the unwavering commitment to a quality Christian education, where the Christian worldview forms the bedrock of both our academic and extracurricular pursuits. We take immense pride in fostering an environment where students can authentically live out their faith, while also promoting the ideals of inclusivity, diversity, and personal excellence.

At FMCS, our Christian programming is woven into the fabric of the Teaching for Transformation (TfT) framework. Through TfT, our aim is to guide students in comprehending their integral role within God's grand narrative. The profound Biblical through-lines that we champion—such as being God worshippers, image bearers, community builders, servant workers, justice seekers, idolatry discerners, earth keepers, order discoverers, beauty creators, and creation enjoyers—illuminate a Christian worldview lens that intersects with the Alberta Education curriculum.

Our dedicated educators, who themselves embody their Christian faith, infuse authenticity and relevance into the classroom discussions. Their real-life perspectives offer students relatable role models who inspire and uplift. This year we welcome a new TfT Coordinator, Mrs. Thania Breitkreuz. Mrs. Breitkreuz brings a strong passion for both Christian Education and our school as a whole.

As previously shared, my own journey, which encompasses mission work across North America, Africa, and Europe, resonates deeply with the essence of our school. I encourage all stakeholders to embrace the teachings of Matthew 5:13-16 and Mark 16:15, to be the salt and light in Fort McMurray and beyond, as we collectively contribute to the broader church community.

This year our theme will be We Will Go! Awakening our hearts to His Kingdom and His call on our lives will be apparent as we continue our support of the Legacy Water Foundation and in the sending of students out on local and international missions trips. 

A cornerstone of our FMCS Mission Statement is to provide a holistic education that empowers children to realise their potential across academic, spiritual, emotional, social, and physical dimensions. Our staff is humbled to accompany your children on their journey, irrespective of where they stand in their faith journey. We are resolute in our belief that FMCS is the nurturing ground for students to embrace their faith and discern their role within God’s narrative.

On behalf of our entire staff, we hold in prayer the anticipation of a year characterised by growth, learning, and joyful experiences. It is with immense pleasure that we extend a heartfelt invitation to our families to participate in these forthcoming significant events:


Wednesday, August 30th - Welcome Back Assembly (8:10-8:35) in the gym.

Thursday, August 31st - Start Up Fun with Loyal, Music, and Balloons! (8:00-8:45). This is a new event that we are introducing. Parents and Caregivers can come into the building when they drop their students off to take pictures in their classroom with friends, take a walk around the halls, and meet Loyal the Lion in a festive atmosphere! 

Thursday, September 14th - Welcome Back BBQ and Meet the Teacher (5-7:30 PM).

Monday, September 25th - Creation Ministries International Presentation (8:30-9:30). Creation Ministries International seeks to equip Christians with Biblically and scientifically accurate responses to questions about the events in Genesis. All parents and caregivers are welcome!

For more information about Back to School Entry Dates, School Supplies, News and Calendar please check out our website at

Looking forward to a wonderful year ahead!

In Him,

Mr. Geoffrey Bishop 


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