Students or parents of students who attended Fort McMurray Christian School make reference to their experience with the school.

I recently had the most wonderful compliment about my girls and their behavior towards others. One mother singled me out to let me know that her girls have had fights, arguments and cat-fights with every other child on the block, except mine. She told me that they have a wonderful disposition, a friendly manner and have TAKEN all her kids could dish out, my girls simply walked away. I personally thank my school and the values that they have instilled in my children. Also my friends and school family for all the Christian values that make me look as though I am on top of it all. I am proud to sign my name, and proud to be a Christian.

- Renee Smith

We consider it a blessing to have the choice to send our children to FMCS. This school provides a safe environment where Christian principles are not only taught but are demonstrated daily by the staff. We appreciate the low teacher to student ratios and the availability of the teachers to address any concerns.

- Danny & Glenda Pollard

There are so many reasons to love the Christian school. Some of the reasons are the student ratio allowing more one-on-one for teacher and students. The location is very convenient for us. The teachers and administrators are excellent, as well as the teaching curriculum. We also feel as if we have a say in what goes on in the school, the teachers are totally approachable. We find the very most important opportunity the school provides is to be able to get an education in a Christian environment that is safe and productive. The children thrive in this school and the reason is that, besides the teachers and administration, the Lord is present. He and His Word are taught and honoured there. God blesses and will continue to build and add on to what He started. We are very happy to be a part of what God is doing in Christian education in this city. We give thanks for faithfulness in His service.

- Don Minard & family

I first went to FMCS in its second year of operation being the 1994/95 year. I hadn’t known what to expect but I was quickly accepted and became comfortable in my new environment. It was there that I truly found my faith in God. I was surrounded by those going through everything I was and not mocking or refusing God to show off. I found FMCS to be a fun, clean environment that gave me freedom to be unique. We had a whole unit on it actually! I miss it now that I am in a public high school but FMCS and its teachers and students made an impact on me.

- Bonnie Arthur

The Fort McMurray Christian School has become a partner with us in raising our children. Being that our children are at school for six hours a day, we felt it necessary to have them in an environment that would encourage them to grow in the Lord. Our expectations were surpassed! We have recognized wonderful changes in our children, an 11 year old girl and an 8 year old boy, that we could have only hoped for before attending FMCS. The teachers are very alert to each child and their needs and call them on it. The care and concern exhibited by the staff is what every parent wants for their children. They go beyond the call of duty to make things happen for the student body. This also creates an incredible school community, which makes us feel like family instead of just a number. The Lord has blessed this school with a great administration and staff, which we are so grateful for. He has given Fort McMurray an incredible alternative to educating children of Christian families. Praise His name.

- Brian & Diane Tkachyk