Worship Wednesday Schedule

Worship Wednesday Schedule

Our first Worship Wednesday is September 27th from 8:10-8:30. All parents and caregivers are welcome to come. Please see the year schedule in the linked PDF below.

Please note that the Homegroups are an in class activity in which parents/caregivers would not attend.


At Worship Wednesdays we have the opportunity to come together as a school and learn about God, the Throughlines we are working on, and to worship together. Here is the schedule for the year. At the Worship Wednesdays listed on this document we welcome parents and caregivers to come join us.

We aim to start at 8:10 AM and on average finish up around 8:30 AM. We have these special assemblies in the gym. Hope to see you there!

Worship Wednesday 2023-24 Updated December 2023