Bussing Information

Bussing Information

While most students either walk, bike, or get driven to school by parents, we know this isn't possible for every family. As an alternative school in FMPSD, transportation is allowed bussing of students under the category of a Choice School.

Choice Schools: If parents choose to enroll their child in a school outside of their designated attendance boundary, they are responsible for transportation services. These students may access transportation services on a priority basis – eligible, user-pay, and then choice students provided there is an existing yellow bus route available. If no route is in effect, the public transit system could be utilized by the student.

Rates for a Choice Schools are: $510.00 per student (approximately $3 per day).

This bussing opportunity is available to most families who live North of the bridge.

For those South of the bridge, we currently do not have bussing available. However, it is something we are looking at starting if there is enough interest.

If this is an opportunity that you would like to explore, please contact the school office.