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The Regulated Classroom Parent Session

Emily Daniels

Emily Daniels is a former school counselor and is well informed on dysregulation in schools. She is the author, founder and trainer of the program The Regulated Classroom©. The program was designed for teachers to address collective trauma in schools. It links somatosensory and Polyvagal-informed theory to social-emotional learning in the classroom. The foundation of the program helps adults recognize their own automatic nervous system in times of heightened stress and provides strategies that enables them to co-regulate with students. This applies to teachers, but also to parents, to deepen their self-awareness about how stress is activated in their physical bodies. An adults level of regulation can help to further dysregulate or coregulate students; they key is awareness and learning how to settle the autonomic nervous system. The Regulated Classroom© is a valuable tool for all stakeholders in education.

The Fort McMurray Public School Division has partnered with the Wood Buffalo Community Foundation to provide this resource to our staff through a community grant. Each school within the Division is piloting the program as a response to the compounding trauma that the Region of Wood Buffalo has endured since the 2016 wildfire, including the impacts of the flood of 2020 and the enduring COVID-10 pandemic.

We can all agree that co-regulation strategies are needed now more than ever. When adults and students are regulated, there is an environment ready for social connection, cooperation, impulse control and academic learning.

We are exciting to bring Emily here in person to connect with our parents as stakeholders in our FMPSD family. We thank you for engaging in learning more about this regulation approach.

Please use the link HERE to sign up for this FREE session.

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