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Global STEM Leadership Program- Fort McMurray Christian School

Hello Parents and Caregivers:

This post contains information for an extra curricular STEM-Immersion learning program called Global STEM Leadership Program, that you can consider for your child. It is external to school and takes place on evenings and/or weekends and runs Oct 2022 to June 2023. 

This is an exciting opportunity where students will be exposed to unique national and international STEM opportunities by way of mentorship from STEM professionals, scholarships, peer interactions, training, and workshops and an exciting variety of STEM courses. The aim of the program is to prepare children for future technological changes and innovations, where resources are not easily accessible in order for them to become globally competitive. 

Cost is $14.95/month and a one time application fee of $59. However, there are some funds available to cover these fees if need be. Please see Mr. Bishop for more infromation.

Please take a look at the program flyer in the link below for more information.

If interested, you may opt to register or you can attend an information session via the links below 



The deadline to apply is Nov 11th

Level 1 Begins November 5, 2022 *a later date will be set up for late applicants
Level 2 Begins November 12,2022
Level 3 & 4 Begins November 19, 2022

Watch Global Stem in ACTION! 

Girls in STEM : Global STEM Leadership Program

Exploring the Global STEM Leadership Program

Yale Quantum Physics Professor Steve Girvin lectures to students of the Global STEM Leadership Program and STEM Canada - "Race to build the Impossible"

Google Partnership and Mentorship:

Microsoft Partnership:

Student Age 11, speaks about her experience in the STEM Canada Global STEM Leadership Program

The Regional STEM Program manager can be reached at the email below for any questions about the program

Michelle Antoine Email:

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