Student Links


Do you hate remembering every username and password for all the different sites your kids use for school? Well, we have made it a lot easier! Instead of having to log in to each different account separately, you can just log in to one using your child's FMPSD email account!

Click here to link to CLEVER 

(Be sure to save it as a bookmark for easier access later)


  • Bible - Bible Gateway is an excellent Bible website that includes any version that you may possibly need. -
  • - This is an amazing resource for parents and students. It is full of videos, devotionals, and a huge variety of ways to learn more about God.


  • Mathletics - This is an excellent resource for all students at the school. Students are recommended to visit this site daily and work on problems. Teachers are able to watch and monitor student activity on the site. Teachers will have codes to log in.
  • Khan Academy – A comprehensive website for math and science students in older grades. Sign up using your own e-mail account.
  • Prodigy - Math games site.
  • Tutpup – An excellent math practice website for younger students.
  • Xtramath - Good for basic math facts practice
  • Grade 6 - Math Makes Sense Textbook

All Subjects

  • Exam Bank – An excellent multiple choice resource for all students, especially those in grade 6 and 9 practicing for their PAT. It is important at fmp that we dontshare the password.
  • Student Link – A great resource for finding websites about any topic a student might be studying at school