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a light unto my path.- Psalm 119:105 KJV

School Materials

School Materials

Hi folks,

We have received some questions about when our teachers will begin digitally transmitting material for students to read, or work on. Some parents have also informed us that other schools in our division have already begun doing this.

Our directive from District Office is to wait until their Continuance Plan has been formulated and released. If other schools are "jumping the gun," we cannot speak to that. Some of our teachers have actually asked about this as well; many of them are making plans and hoping to get them to you.

Again, however, we are adhering to the directive that has been given: go slowly, and do not release anything until downtown has formulated its plan. They had originally planned for a release next Wednesday, but given recent developments, this is now postponed (understandably so, and no new date has been given as of yet). Please be assured that when we know more, you also will.

Sorry, and I hope this is clear.