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Fraser Report Rankings

Fraser Report Rankings

Good Day Parents, 


At this time of the year the focus in many schools is report cards and getting final assessment completed to end the year.  Many parents at this time of the year are deciding about where to enrol children for the coming year asking about different reports.  Annual school reports/rating such as Alberta Learning Accountability Pillar and the Fraser Report are regularly asked of how our school does.  As parents decide on schools I would like to make available both reports.We were very pleased with Our Accountability Pillar Results this year.


Similarly the Fraser Report gave us a favourable report as we ranked 76 out of over 800 schools in Alberta.  Which was FIRST in FMPSD and SECOND among the 19 schools in Fort McMurray.  


With the combination of extra-curricular activities, sports, and option choices, it is great to see that students are continuing to succeed academically as these results clearly show.  Please feel free to share this information with family and friends that may be considering registering with us for 2019-2020 school year.
Thank you


Mr. Joseph Champion
Fort McMurray Christian School