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a light unto my path.- Psalm 119:105 KJV

Athletic Awards Gala Winners

Athletic Awards Gala Winners

A big thanks to everyone who made the evening a big success.

It was our largest turnout ever with around 120 students and parents attending.


For those who are curious, here are the award winners and those who received Royals Medals of Distinction.



5/6 Girls - MVP: Maylee Crann          Medal: Irelyn, Janan, Johanna

5/6 Boys - MVP: James Stapleton     Medal: Turuman Mikael

JH Girls - MVP: Rachele Playford      Medal: Emma, Charlie

JH Boys - MVP: Tino Kwatara             Medal: Jaxson



5/6 Girls  MVP: Jadesola           Medal: Naomi, Esther

5/6 Boys -  MVP: Joshua            Medal: Ethan Norman

JH Girls -  MVP: Ivanka             Medal: Anna Zhang, Riobo

JH Boys -  MVP: Joseph           Medal: Aaron, David


Athletes of the Year

5/6 Girl -  Gracie Ivany

5/6 Boy -  Jesse Simms

JH Girl -  Rainna MacDonald

JH Boy -  Jacob Vroom