Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and
a light unto my path.- Psalm 119:105 KJV

Amazing Waste Race 2019

Amazing Waste Race 2019

The Amazing Waste Race has begun!

The Amazing Waste Race is a Municipal Program that encourages schools in the Wood Buffalo region to actively work towards a greener school environment.

The eighth annual Municipal Amazing Waste Race will take place from April 22-May 31, 2019. By completing a variety of challenges — ranging anywhere from doing a schoolyard clean up to submit a poem on litter prevention — schools are awarded points. The school with the most points obtains the title of Amazing Waste Race Champion.

Last year we got 4th, so this year we want to do even better!


Here are a few ways parents can help:

1. Sign up for the Ecoseed Newsletter. Each person is worth 5 points!

2. Support Waste-less Lunch Wednesday by packing food in reusable containers instead of using pre-packaged items. It's a great way to support eating fruit and veggies!

3. Have kids use reusable cutlery instead of plastic ones.

4. Have kids use refillable water bottles. (There are lots at the office if you would like one.)

With your help, we will be sure to use this as a great opportunity to show good Stewardship to God's wonderful creation!