About Society

Fort McMurray Christian School Society

In 1993, Fort McMurray Christian School was formed as an Independent Christian School in Alberta. In order to do this, the school was required to have a governing body to make decisions on how the school was run. This is the Fort McMurray Christian School Society.


Even though we are now a Public Alternative School within Fort McMurray Public School Division, we still have a School Society which helps make decisions about Christian Programming at the school. They are in charge of the "B"s

Bible - Helping support Christian Education at the school

Bussing - Helping organize transportation to the school

Budget - Deciding on the cost of Society Fees and how best to support the school with those fees.


The School Society is a great way for parents to support the school and make impactful decisions to create a wonderful, faith-filled, learning environment.

Christian School Executive Members

Christian School Executive Members:

David Oger - Chair Email: chair@fmcssociety.com

Dennis Vroom - Vice Chair Email: vicechair@fmcssociety.com

Tony Williams - Treasurer Email: treasurer@fmcssociety.com

Lorie Ephgrave - Secretary Email: secretary@fmcssociety.com

Lisa Podor - Co-Director of Stakeholder Relations Email: stakeholderrelations@fmcssociety.com

Clementina Okoro - Co-Director of Stakeholder Relations Email: director@fmcssociety.com

Christine Gogolinski - Director of Public Relations Email: publicrelations@fmcssociety.com

Christine Gogolinski - Director of Fundraising Email: fundraising@fmcssociety.com