In his book, Simply Christian, N.T. Wright (2006) speaks of the times in life when things just “make sense”. The kind of making sense that happens when we “glimpse a whole new world…stand[ing] in awe in front of a great painting, or…swept off our feet by a song or a symphony”. Wright claims that “when things make sense in that way, you are left knowing that it isn’t so much a matter of you figuring it all out and deciding to take a step, or a stand. It’s a matter of Someone calling you, calling with a voice you dimly recognize, calling with a message that is simultaneously an invitation of love and a summons to obedience”.

“The call to faith is both of these. It is the call to believe that the true God, the world’s creator, has loved the whole world so much, you and me included, that he has come himself in the person of his Son and has died and risen again to exhaust the power of evil and create a new world in which everything will be put to rights and joy will replace sorrow”. Our Social Justice 12 initiative to put together care packages for men and women seeking refuge at the New Life Center, our grade 4 visits to the elderly at Laurier Manor, and our partnership with Jericho Ministries in Honduras are ways we seek to be obedient to the call of Christ to put things to rights and replace sorrow with joy.

“From the very beginning, in Jesus’s own teaching, it has been clear that people who are called to be agents of God’s healing love, putting the world to rights, are called also to be people whose own lives are put to rights by the same healing love. God intends to put the world to rights; he has dramatically launched this project through Jesus. Those who belong to Jesus are called, here and now, in the power of the Spirit, to be agents of that putting-to-rights purpose”. In short, we are called to be Justice-Seekers.