northern lights

Have you ever seen a sunset, or mountain range or a baby’s tiny hand that made you sing? Then you are a Creation Enjoyer!

We are Creation-Enjoyers when we discover and celebrate God’s beautiful creation. Creation enjoying is looking at, talking about, studying creation. Ordinary things become extraordinary when we see them from this perspective. It is all about noticing and drawing attention to what there is to be seen in God’s world. Creation enjoying is helping to coax the “songs of joy” (Ps. 65:8) from ourselves and from our students. This beautiful creation is a gift. We all know how much fun it is when we give someone a gift and they really love it; that is what it’s like for God when we and our students get out, experience, and rejoice in the gift of creation. Once exposed to this “Through-line” students will discover and celebrate God’s beautiful creation.

For more study and reflection: Psalm 19, I Tim 4: 4-5, Psalm 65:8.