Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and
a light unto my path.- Psalm 119:105 KJV


A key to student success is getting off to a good start. Our faith-based program ensures that your children’s first school experience is a positive one.

Kindergarten is an important step in your children’s transition from home or preschool to the more formal structure of grade one. The skills that children learn in kindergarten will serve them throughout a lifetime of learning. Children learn to work cooperatively with others, to share things and ideas and to take their turn. They learn to be more independent and to make decisions about their learning. Children experience the consequences of their decisions in a safe environment. Kindergarten children learn about numbers, to recognize them and to know what they mean. They learn about letters and the sounds they make and begin to recognize words that are part of their life. Kindergarten children enjoy stories found in the bible, books in their classroom and begin to write their own stories.

Children in kindergarten increase their general knowledge by exploring classroom themes that focus on such diverse topics as bible stories, dinosaurs, pirates, sea life, seasonal changes, insects and community helpers. Not only do children learn from Christian teachers and other adults; they learn by sharing the knowledge that each of them brings to the classroom.

Kindergarten provides an opportunity for children to be creative. This creativity expresses itself in many ways and in many places . . . at the painting easel, through drama, in the sandbox or at the block centre. The kindergarten year is also a time for language development. Children have many opportunities to express themselves and learn new words. 

The Basics

Age requirement: Children who enter the kindergarten program in September must be age 4 before March 1 of the current year. e.g. For your child to begin Kindergarten in September 2018, your child must be age 4 before March 1 2018. (Born before February 28, 2014)

Hours of operation: Kindergarten classes run for 2 hours and 45 minutes per day in the morning, Monday to Friday.

FEES: The feed are still to be determined. Last year there was a $65.00 supply fee for the year along with $100.00 Society Membership Fee and a one time/family $50.00 Registration fee.

The first step is to apply for enrollment into the FMCS Society. We ask for one parent be a professing Christian as outlined in the FMCS Education Vision Document. Please see our registration page for further information and the registration forms.