Volleyball Season Recap

What an excellent volleyball season it was this year for the FM Christian School Blazers!

Coached by Mr and Mrs. Vroom, the 5/6 boys were able to go all the way to the City Championship where they placed 2nd! They boys had a very good season and played to the bitter ended losing in the 3rd set 14-16. What a fantastic way to end  the season!

The 5/6 girls had an equally good season being coached by Mrs. Gurnsey. They had an excellent final tournament as well and were able to take 3rd place in the city championship!

The Junior High boys played in Tier 2 this year coached by Mrs. Vanden Pol with baby in tow. They were able to come back from behind in their final game of the season and take 3rd place in a very exciting final match.

The Junior HIgh girls played in Tier 2 this year coach by Miss Perry and Mr. Combdon. They did very well for the entire season, winning plenty of games, but could not earn enough points in the final tournament and just missed the cut to make it into the playoffs.


Congratulations to all teams this season and next comes basketball!