5/6 Final Tournaments

Here is the schedule for the GIRLS TOURNAMENT Here is the schedule for the BOYS TOURNAMENT

JH Volleyball Schedule - FINALS

Here is the schedule for the final tournament. There will be playoffs on Saturday and the schedule changes depending...

5/6 Mini-Tournament

Here is the permission slip for the mini-tournament. Please remember to pick up your students at 5:00 @ Westview

JH Volleyball Schedule #3

Check this link directly. The games have move around a bit this week, but this is the official document. Please check it...

5/6 Tournament - Oct 22nd

Here are the schedules for the tournament at Westview for our 5/6 Teams. BOYS SCHEDULE GIRLS SCHEDULE

JH Volleyball Schedule

Here is THE SCHEDULE for this weekend's tournament.

Volleyball Tournament Schedule

Here is the schedule for this weekend's tournament in Anzac.


Volleyball season is now upon us. If your child is in grade 5-9, they are more than welcome to play on one of our teams...

Girl's Basketball - Final Tournament Schedule

Here is the schedule for the 5/6 girls' tournament Round Robin Schedule and Rules Playoff Schedule

5/6 Boys Tournament

Here is the schedule for the tournament.

5/6 Basketball

Here is the information and permission form for kids wanting to join the 5/6 basketball team Permission Form  ...

JH Basketball - Final Tournament

Here is a link to the final tournament. Click on the tabs at the bottom of the page to see when your kids play. https...

Jan 22/23 Basketball Schedule

Here is the schedule for the tournament this weekend. BOYS - You play at three different schools. Your 12:45 game is...

Jan 8/9 Basketball Schedule

Here is the schedule for the Jan 8/9 Tournament. *CHANGE TO SCHEDULE* - Girls' last game is actually @ 2:00 on Saturd...

JH Basketball Tournament Schedule

Here is the schedule with both the BOYS and GIRLS game time on it. *Correction on the boys schedule - Their first ga...

Our Teams



Elementary Volleyball Teams

Elementary volleyball practice will take place on Wednesdays from after school until 5:25. Some games will be played based upon scheduling with oth...

Junior High Volleyball Teams

Practices will start taking place on Monday, September 19th after school until 5:25. Also, there will be no busses to take students home at 5:25, so y...